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Beneficial Difference between uPVC and Timber Windows

Such a difficult decision that many homeowners face when they begin to renovate their home or start a self-build project is to choose a proper window material. Nowadays became popular to install uPVC windows by reason of its price and availability. But at the same time, owners of a property, made in the traditional style prefer timber windows.

What’s the difference between this two basic materials - we are about to call into question today...

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The History of Timber Windows

Have you ever been interested in how a 'window' became a 'window and where it come from? 

The origins of the timber windows have been the subject of much investigation and speculation. We can safely assume, that the Romans were the first to experiment with glass in their windows – this initially appeared in Alexandria around 100 AD. Well read on and you will be given a short excurse to the past...

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 What is acoustic glass?

Noise pollution is a growing environmental concern and nuisance, especially in urban areas. Even the background noise of 70 decibels caused by outside traffic can cause disturbance and stress over a continued period of time. Acoustic glass technologies have been developed to combat levels of unwanted noise, whether it be for a translator’s booth, a house located near a busy road or an office next to the airport.

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Tilt and turn windows

Tilt & Turn Windows

BMB Tilt & Turn windows - available in all shapes and colours. Our wooden windows are produced in a modern production line and pass newest European standards. For the window profiles we use multilayer laminated wood with a thickness of 68mm for the IV68 profile and 78mm thickness for the IV78 profile.

This is a guarantee for the highest stability of the window construction and it is ensuring perfect heat and sound insulation qualities.

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BMB Flush Casement Window

Flush Casement windows

BMB Flush casement windows, unlike stormproof, have a sash that closes directly into the frame and therefore sits flush within the outer window frame. This design is evident in many period houses where the original windows still exist.

Now with the drive towards energy conservation the design of the flush casement has been modernised to make it much more energy efficient. This includes larger rebates to accommodate double glazing, draught sealing, and the use of high security multi-point locking hardware.

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BMB Flush Casement Window

Sliding Sash windows

BMB Sliding Sash windows are designed with the aesthetic of a traditional sash window, but have the benefit of modern high security features, engineered timber (minimises seasonal movement and jamming), and double glazing which utilises enhanced insulating glass and has a centre pane U-value of under 1.3 W/m2K, as standard.

This, together with the high performance weather seal, minimises heat loss and reduces drafts which in turn saves energy. This combination also reduces noise.

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Tilt and turn windows

What are the benefits of timber windows

We are happy to introduce our new IV78 profile system wooden windows, which offer the following advantages in comparison with the traditional IV68 wooden window profile system:

  • The IV78 profile is 10 mm thicker than the IV68 profile (78 mm thick); therefore it offers better thermal characteristics;
  • Up to 44 mm thick glass packets may be installed into the windows, which helps to improve heat and sound insulation characteristics;
  • The IV78 profile is much more rigid than the standard IV68 profile.

For further information, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on every aspect of this product!


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