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The Private Limited Company BMB was established in 1999 and has been functioning successfully in Lithuania since then. Due to our more than 15 years experience in combining traditional handicrafts and state-of-the-art woodworking technologies, we have been cultivating deep awareness of production processes that always lead to uniqueness and high quality of our products.

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Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows Our wooden windows are produced in a modern production line and pass newest European standards. For the window profiles we use multilayer laminated wood. This is a guarantee for the highest stability of the window construction and it is ensuring perfect heat and sound insulation...


Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors Through the use of high-quality isolating-glass and isolated wooden door fillings we achieve a high grade of density and optimal heat insulation. The great flexibility in design variations begins with the selection of the right wood which should be used. You can choose between...



Professional consulting. Measurement of windows and doors. Competent installation and fitting. After-sales services.

  • Professional consulting.
  • Measurement of windows and doors.
  • Competent installation and fitting.
  • After-sales services.

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